Restaurant WiFi Installation

Free WiFi has become a standard convenience restaurant diners expect. From a restaurant owner or manager perspective, offering free WiFi is good for business. Guests are more likely to linger in restaurants longer when free WiFi is available, and many diners are even choosing their lunch and dinner spots based on the availability of WiFi.

Having WiFi in your restaurant makes perfect sense, but when it comes to actually installing it, the technology can be overwhelming. All Systems AV is here to help.

Some domestic WiFi routers have a range of 150 feet, so these may be suitable for your restaurant. All Systems AV can determine if this will work for you by assessing any physical obstructions between the router and your guests, potential microwave oven interference, as well as the strength of your neighbors’ Wireless Local Area Network.

If you plan to use the same router for conducting business and for guests, All Systems AV can divide your WiFi service to ensure your business transactions are confidential and set up a Service Set Identifier that your guests can access.

In order to protect your restaurant from online threats, All Systems AV can set up a web content filter that puts you in control of what online material your guests can access. You can stop diners from visiting content that promotes violence, gambling, or pornography, for example.

We can also set time-based controls and bandwidth limits to prevent guests from abusing your WiFi without ordering food or drinks.

Delight your diners with more than just your food and offer free WiFi in your restaurant. Contact All Systems AV for your free on-site WiFi consultation.