Smart Lighting for Businesses

Optimize your operating costs and achieve your sustainability goals with automated smart lighting for your business. Automated lighting provides immediate and measurable ROI. All Systems AV will design a wireless lighting control plan, (also known as smart lighting), to cater to the way you do business – whether that’s setting timers for spaces that are only utilized during certain times of the day, installing sensors so lights don’t stay on in vacant rooms, and beyond. 

With the custom app, you can make changes to your lighting control system from literally anywhere in the world. Control individual offices, review and change pre-set zones, or light up the whole building with the touch of a button. Building managers can control, configure, and monitor the lighting for every space in the building for maximum efficiency. 

We can retrofit a lighting control system into your business with minimal intrusion; or if you’re having a new space built out, we will work with your contractor to ensure the lighting controls are integrated seamlessly. 

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Scheduling & Safety

Smart lighting systems allow you to schedule your business lighting by time of day and day of the week. Ensure outdoor lighting turns on at dusk to illuminate a path from the door to the parking lot.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Smart lighting automatically reduces or eliminates lighting in rooms that are no longer in use through sensors that adjust the lighting accordingly. Lighting also generates heat, and your HVAC system has to compensate by cooling down the space. By reducing the use of lights, you save on not only the lighting but also your cooling costs. Smart lighting can also be tied into your shades, further bolstering your energy savings.

Reporting & Trending

Monitor energy consumption and identify problems before they become an issue with your smart lighting’s reporting system. It allows users to monitor system activity, lighting energy usage, fluorescent lamp failures, and more to maximize potential savings.

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