Smart Lighting

Control your lights from anywhere with a lighting control system. All Systems AV will design a wireless lighting control plan, (also known as smart lighting), to enhance your home’s security and energy efficiency. With the custom app, you can make changes to your lighting control system from literally anywhere in the world. Control individual rooms, change pre-set zones, or light up the whole house.

We can retrofit a lighting control system into your home with minimal intrusion; or if you’re having a new home built, we will work with your contractor to ensure the lighting controls are integrated seamlessly. Smart lighting can work with your home audio system and even with your motorized blinds.

Improved Aesthetics

With smart lighting, your huge banks of light switches on every wall are replaced by elegant keypads. Not only will your walls look better, but the lighting itself can be designed to create beautiful scenes in your home. Make family photos a focal point, or feature a work of art with special lighting.

Improved Safety & Security

While you’re on vacation, your smart lighting system will ensure it still looks like you’re at home. If smoke or fire is detected in your home, the smart lighting system can automatically turn on specific lights to create a path to safety for your family.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Smart lighting automatically reduces or eliminates lighting in rooms that are no longer in use through sensors that adjust the lighting accordingly.

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