Apartment Clubhouse WiFi Hotspot Installers

Some apartment communities offer their residents WiFi as an included amenity. Wireless connections are beamed into the individual apartment units for the residents to enjoy. A more cost efficient option is to offer WiFi in the community center or clubhouse. Not only is this more affordable for the complex, but it also turns the community center into a social hub.

Having WiFi in your apartment complex makes perfect sense, but when it comes to actually installing it, the technology can be overwhelming. All Systems AV is here to help.

Some domestic WiFi routers have a range of 150 feet, so these may be suitable for your apartment clubhouse. All Systems AV can determine if this will work for you by assessing any physical obstructions between the router and the gathering areas, potential interference, as well as the strength of potentially conflicting Wireless Local Area Network.

All Systems AV can divide your WiFi service so that residents access the WiFi one way, while guests have a separate Service Set Identifier they can access.

In the same way that coffee houses offering WiFi increases their customer retention, apartment WiFi creates resident retention. Many apartment communities have community centers with an attached pool, business center, and a big flat screen TV with seating areas. These spaces are commonly underutilized by residents. A community center that offers WiFi can get residents out of their apartments and into the community.

An active community center with residents sipping coffee playing on their phones and laptops can be compelling to potential new residents touring the property. Seeing community members engaged in a social atmosphere makes people want to be a part of that community.

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